Bird Edit

Runs from you. Drops some Meat when killed.

Pig Edit

Added in version 1.1. Runs from you. Drops a lot of Meat when killed.

Wolf Edit

Attacks you and is very fast. Drops some Meat and Leather.

Bear Edit

Attacks you. Drops some Meat and Leather.

Troll Edit

Attacks you. Drops a lot of Material of it's Resource. Trolls are made of a specific Resource. The rarer the Resource, the stronger the Troll is (so a diamond Troll is the rarest and strongest creature in the game)

Player Edit

Controlled by other players. Be friend with them or fight them.

Notes Edit

All mobs run from you when with low health.

Trivia Edit

In the first version of the game, Players who had Adblockers turned on would be chased by extremely high health Birds until death of one of them. This motivated players to turn off their Adblockers if they wanted a higher chance of survival. This was later removed due to community feedback.

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