Definition Edit

Loot Traps in general are structures built by players to automatically give them Items and Resources over time.

In most cases this is achieved by trapping and killing Players and Mobs.

Trapping Edit

For Trapping it is common to use Boosters, because Players or mobs can step on them brought to a the place where they get killed. Traps are not very efficient for trapping players.

Killing Edit

For the automated killing process Turrets or Spikewalls can be used. Once the player or mob is dead its items are dropped and can be collected by the player that built the Loot Trap.

Also Lava could be used for automated killing, but can not be used in a Loot Trap, because the dropped items get destroyed afterwards

Maintaining a Loot Trap Edit

Players who want to get the Items from the Buildings of your Loot Trap, or who want to destroy its functionality (or even Monsters), might start to destroy your Loot Trap. Therefore for a Loot Trap to function you have to patrol it.

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