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==Official. DoomedIO Wiki==
=== <u>About:</u> ===
DoomedIO is an new online browser game by Ginoda[]. Play it here [ doomed].
Join the Discord community to ask questions, find friends and discuss features: ☀
In Doomed you can go on an adventure in an open world, trying to survive, defeating other players or team up with them, and build a [[Base Building|Fortress]] from a vast amount of different [[Buildings]].
Stay Tuned For Updates! Is Really Dead In 2019, No Updates And Almost Everyone Playing There Is A Russian #GinodaPlsUpdateUrGame
=== <u>Overview:</u> ===
* 資源資源
* [[Items]]
* [[Materials]]
* [[Buildings]]
* [[Crafting]]
* [[Recycling]]
* [[Units]]
* [[PVP]]
* [[Day and Night]]
* [[Base Building]]
* [[Loot Traps]]
* [[Map Fields]]
* [[World]]
* [[Clans]]
* [[Update history]]
* Chatting<nowiki/>
==Latest activity==
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