Wall Edit

Basic defense Building. Has more Health than most Buildings and is used to block the way or keep enemies outside of your base.

Spikewall Edit

Same functionality as walls, but deals some damage to enemies that touch it and huge damage to enemies that move into them. They are also more expensive than walls, by requiring an additional 10 stone.

Door Edit

Same functionality as walls, but with less health. Also they can be opened when an ally hits them.

Turret Edit

Ranged items can be placed on turrets, which will shoot at enemies. Press E with a ranged weapon equipped to arm the turret.ты лох)

Trap Edit

All enemy units get trapped in it. Once it is destroyed they are freed again. If the health of a trap goes down the trap gets weaker. Traps have a really low health;

Torches Edit

Light up the environment when it is dark. There is the coal torch and the diamond torch. The light-radius of the diamond torch is greater, and stronger.

Boosters Edit

Pushes player in a direction. There is the gold booster and the diamond booster. Of course, the Diamond is stronger and more powerful. You could use this to line a bunch of boosters to your OP base.

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